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1 Day 

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Minimum 20 People

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1st Day Sundarban

5 AM Start from Kolkata or tour will start from particular place according to choice of the tourist staying in Kolkata, Three hours of drive to Sundarban Godkhali, end of the road Tea Break on the way.
8:30 to 9 AM Then on the Boat Sundarban begin and head toward the biggest mangrove forest (narrow creek) and delta region for our share of viewing animals such as crocodiles, water monitor, spotted deer, different kind of birds. if you are lucky you will be even be watching a Royal Bengal Tiger in the natural habitat.During this period you will 3 watch tower Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali, Dobanki. Breakfast and lunch will be cooked and served on the boat
4 to 5 PM Sundarban jungle trip end, head back for kolkata
8 to 9 PM A short introduction via boat to the Sundarban Bird Jungle with the lovely sunset view which is more mesmerizing after the ‘sunsets’ we will back to the Hotel at 6 pm
7:00 PM Reach Kolkata
We are committed to give you better and best service, therefore, we request to you please co-operate with us, during the tour and make it unforgettable moments.
Foods Menu
First Day


luchi, potato vegetables, boiled egg, honey, Banana, moya.


Basmati rice, veg-dal, chips, veg curry, vetki curry, chutney, papad.

After Lunch



Pokora, (veg/non veg) muri.


Flour bread/Rice, veg curry, chicken curry, salad, Sweet, chutney.